Beautiful jewellery and other coveted objects shouldn't just languish out of sight in drawers and cupboards, just for the want of a spot of cleaning or some needed repair. From fixing clasps and handles to sourcing and replacing missing gemstones, from polishing precious metals to rejuvenating timepieces or re-stringing pearls, we can give your old treasures a new lease of life, so you can enjoy them all over again.

Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries regarding repairs on 01926 494 494, via email at or take a wander down to our shop at 2-4 High Street, Warwick.

Sorry this we do not offer watch repairs or any other watch services. 


Our experts here at Russell Lane have the knowledge and experience to evaluate your treasured items. You may need this professional assessment for probate or insurance purposes, for example to ensure you are fully covered against loss or damage. Or you may simply want to know the value of your investments for peace of mind.

Bring us your pieces and we will be delighted to provide a prompt valuation service, backed by appropriate documentation on request.



We pride ourselves on offering for sale a wide range of beautiful jewellery, along with a variety of other precious objects. Indeed, it is a trademark of our business that we continuously stock an outstanding array of pieces - new, antique and pre-owned - so that we are always able to provide our customers with a superlative selection to choose from.

For this reason, we are always pleased to discuss purchasing quality items for resale in our shop. You may have decided you no longer wish to retain a certain piece, but in our experience, we know that someone else may be delighted to buy it. So if you wish to obtain the best value for any items you currently own, speak to us first and let us make you an offer.

Just because you are no longer fond of a particular piece, that does not mean it is not desired by others. Why not consider part - exchanging it for something more desirable at Russell Lane. We are always happy to assess the value of your unwanted items and show you what you could take possession of in replacement.

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Padparadscha Sapphire

Padparadscha Sapphire

Padparadscha sapphire is the most unique type of sapphire. With it's pinky-orange to orangy-pink colour, these sapphires are beautiful in any piece of jewellery. 
Our Luxury Enamel Jewellery

Our Luxury Enamel Jewellery

We are proud to share our luxurious enamel collection from a designer Nicole Barr.